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Having a dream of being a general contractor to build spectacular houses, I have started my journey working with a construction company in the year 1988.


It’s easy to make a building look good cosmetically, but the key to quality construction is what lies under the outer surface. Just like a good foundation is necessary for the longevity of a home or commercial building, good framing is at the core of a sturdy, quality property. Don’t trust just anyone for framing in Tucson on your construction project. You’ll pay for shoddy workmanship for years. Instead, choose an experienced team of professionals with a proven track record of framing success.

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House Framing
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What exactly is framing ?

Framing is the process of installing beams, polls, and studs to give a property structure and shape. The outer walls and the division of inside spaces are all created by the way the frame is constructed. If you imagine peeling back the plaster and exterior materials from a building, you’d be left with the frame that creates the shell of what the property looks like.

There are two main types of framing: heavy-frame and light-frame. Light-frame construction is the most common type of framing used in the US, since it can be easily adapted to fit a range of architectural styles and because it is cost effective. Framing can be done using wood, engineered wood, and steel.

Questions to Ask a Framing Construction Company

Because framing is critical to the structural integrity of your building, finding the best company for the job is essential. Before you hire someone for framing work, be sure to ask these questions:

Understanding how long a company has been framing buildings lets you know if they are knowledgeable about the work.
If you’re working with a general contractor, know who they usually trust for framing and how many jobs they have completed with that team.
Reading reviews lets you know if other customers have been satisfied with their work.

It is also a good idea to ask about framing requirements in Tucson. Many cities have framing requirements to ensure high quality, safe construction, and the company you work with should be able to explain them to you.

Trust the Solid Foundation Team

Our motto is “start your project on a Solid Foundation,” and there are few parts of construction where this matters more than framing. Our experienced team of professionals has been serving Tucson since 2007, and we have satisfied residential and commercial customers all over the city. Contact us today and find out how we assist with framing in Tucson and all of your other construction needs.