Tenant Improvements

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Tenant Improvements

If you own rental properties or you are yourself a renter, then chances are that you have encountered tenant improvements. Tenant improvements are intended to make a space more useable for the lessee, and they can translate to a win for everyone. The key is getting the right contractor on the job for reliable, quality tenant improvements that are done on time and on budget. Our team is experienced in dealing with tenant improvements in Tucson and can help both sides facilitate the process.

  • Tenant Improvement 101

  • Types of Tenant Improvements

  • Finding a Tenant Improvement Contractor

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Tenant Improvements 101

Tenant improvements are sometimes done on residential properties, but they are most common in commercial spaces. The improvements are requested by the tenant in order to make the space as efficient as possible for how it will be used.

Usually, these kinds of changes are made to add things that are specific to the kind of business a commercial tenant plans to do in a property. However, residential tenants also sometimes get improvements made to their homes, depending on the negotiation of the lease.

Landlords usually pay a set amount toward tenant improvements, and tenants pay any amount over that total. However, sometimes tenants pay for the improvements and landlords deduct the cost from rent. In either case, the most important part is picking the best contractor. Landlords usually pick the contractor.

Types of Tenant Improvements

Virtually any kind of upgrade, buildout, or addition to a property can be a tenant improvement. There are some kinds of jobs that are more common than others. Some examples of common tenant improvements include:

  • Adding walls to create separate rooms for offices, fitting rooms, bedrooms, etc.

  • Adding or remodeling bathrooms

  • Installing cabinets or wall racks

  • Installing drop ceilings

  • Adding specialized lighting

  • Upgrades to make a space ADA compliant

If there are any upgrades you want as a tenant, discuss them with your landlord. Many changes you want may fall into this category of tenant improvements.

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Finding Tenant Improvement Contractor

When you hire a contractor, it’s important to find one who is experienced in tenant improvements. This kind of construction work requires consulting two different parties and working with both, so being familiar with that kind of arrangement will make your project go smoother

At Solid Foundation, our experienced contractors work with residential and commercial tenant improvements across Tucson. We’ve served the community since 2008 and always aim to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about how we combine Old School Values with Modern Methods.